Welcome to the website dedicated to getting outside with babies.

Stroller Hikes is a 501-c-3 nonprofit educational organization created to make public baby-friendly outdoor fitness and education areas and opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. At StrollerHikes, you will find fully described outdoor locations including extensive photographs of hike attractions and trail conditions, information about exercising with babies including safety precautions and equipment advice, and other outdoor information. Free events occur every week!

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More Surprises

Last week I wrote about being surprised by a piano at Alviso Marina. Turns out that our unexpected piano is part of an ongoing project called Sunset Piano, wherein two artists place pianos in various unusual locations to see how people react. Santa Clara County welcomed the project this fall, and pianos can be found […]

Newsletter Article


I’ve been leading weekly events for Stroller Hikes for seven years now, so I feel comfortably familiar with the various locations where my children and I hike. Yet there are still times when something unexpected takes me by surprise, like this week at Alviso Marina. There we were, three moms and six kids, hiking our […]

From the Field

IMG_5245 From the Field: Wunderlich (Woodside)

Liz led a wonderful, shady weekend hike at Wunderlich Park last weekend, and shared photos of her kids having a blast, and adults clearly keeping a good pace hiking beneath the redwoods. Wunderlich is also known for good horse sightings, redwood stump hopping, and even some Native American evidence. Learn more about Wunderlich at http://strollerhikes.com/location/wunderlich/.


Welcome to Sarah – Santa Cruz Hikes!

Welcome to Sarah, Sawyer, and June, our newest hike leaders, happily allowing us to resume providing hikes to the Santa Cruz area.  This week on June 25th, Sarah offers a hike at the beautiful forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos.  Thanks to Sarah for getting hikes going again at the coast!  Come out for some […]