Welcome to the website dedicated to getting outside with babies.

Stroller Hikes is a 501-c-3 nonprofit educational organization created to make public baby-friendly outdoor fitness and education areas and opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. At StrollerHikes, you will find fully described outdoor locations including extensive photographs of hike attractions and trail conditions, information about exercising with babies including safety precautions and equipment advice, and other outdoor information. Free events occur every week!

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15171138_1040096776113664_2657930643140357361_n Thanksgiving Hike

This week I joined a Stroller Hikes hike, in particular the Thanksgiving Hike at Fremont Older. At first a 1.5 hour hike seemed daunting for me, but I was soon proved wrong and rather enjoyed the experience by the end. Perhaps it was because of the weather. The hike was mostly sunny, fairly nice for […]

Newsletter Article

StrollerHikes_Findahike2 The Meaning of Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Perhaps it brings fond memories, as you are once again reunited with distant family members, geographically and perhaps even emotionally. Perhaps it brings painful memories, reminding you of your large, rambunctious family dinners, arguing with siblings and family members on politics and opinions and rekindling old rivalries. Perhaps it brings […]


Bravo Ranch Trip 2016 – Full!

Hi Stroller Hikers! The Bravo Ranch camping trip filled in record time this year.  🙂 If you didn’t get a chance to grab your spot, Debbie (gumbyallen@yahoo.com) will take the first 6 families responding to put on a waiting list (this announcement will be revised once that list is full).  Last year, we were able […]