Monthly Archives: December 2010

Milk Moustaches and Grass Stains

I had Lasik done a little more than a week ago, and I’m quite literally seeing more clearly. It’s a treat to see the clock without squinting, even when nursing my infant in the middle of the night. I’ve really enjoyed seeing more textures, even if it means seeing more cracks and stains in our […]

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Miss Independent

This topic may be dear to you if you are a modern gal. I remember big moments in my life where I wore my badge of independence on my sleeve – riding a bike without training wheels and years later without hands, maintaining my first car (filters, spark plugs, tires, fluids, and more!), holding my […]

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Happy Harried Holidays!

We had a lovely, mildly chaotic treat-making session in lieu of our usual Toddler Trek this week. It was wonderful to host several families and share in the cookie-making tradition of the season. We whipped up Spritz Cookies, Swedish Ginger Cookies, Jam Thumbprint Cookies, and Pretzels in about an hour, and happily, most of our […]

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