Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mom, Incorporated

A lot of new moms take time off from work (or wish they could) to be at home, and a lucky few pursue their passions and start businesses (like Stroller Hikes).  Want to get out this coming week in Mountain View to explore this dream more? Authors Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith have released Mom, […]

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Board Position Available

This week we said a fond farewell to Amy Lim, longtime Stroller Hiker, Volunteer of the Year in 2009, and Board Member.  She is off to Boston, following work for her husband, Ed.  Thank you so much for everything, Amy! Amy’s departure means a Board Position is available on the Stroller Hikes Board.  Are you […]

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Santa Teresa (Fortini Trailhead)


We had RSVPs from over 13 families, and tons cancelled (flu and cold season is upon us and the holiday craziness has begun), but we still had a stupendous time (4 families attended). Hoorah for early costume donning!  We were safe from evil with Superman (Scott) in attendance.

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With the season quickly changing and the days getting shorter, I’m always bummed to be cancelling Thursday PM hikes (the sun starts setting near 5 PM in a couple of weeks).  However, Audrey’s wonderful Halloween Party this weekend (Stroller Hikes’ first Halloween Party) reminded me how great it can be just to get together… and […]

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Uncle Fanny

This weekend we have our first Stroller Hike to Yosemite.  Hoorah! Melanie and her family enjoyed so many of our Backpacking Bambinos trips this year (overnight backpack camping with toddlers and preschoolers) that she volunteered her family’s Yosemite cabin this weekend and opened it up to Stroller Hikes.  We’re packing every room of that house […]

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