Monthly Archives: July 2013

Gear On the Go: Stroller Hikes’ Free Baby Transport Lending Library

Have a friend visiting with baby or toddler from out of town, and need some gear?  Want to borrow a carrier before settling on one to buy?  Check out Stroller Hikes’ Gear On the Go, our lending library with clean, used gear.  We’ve got jogging strollers, lots of carriers, framed backpacks for carrying baby/toddler, a […]

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Welcome Ann and Nicole!

Ann Kanodia and Nicole Davis are our newest hike leaders at Stroller Hikes.  Thank you ladies!  Both are veteran hike attendees that love the concept of Stroller Hikes (free nature outings for all) and wanted to volunteer to keep hikes going while Rebecca is handling a new move (Ann) or extend hike offerings temporally or […]

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Sunset Hike and Starry Night at Black Mountain


A note from Debbie: This year, in an effort to make camping more sustainable for Stroller Hikes, volunteers stepped up to lead some trips. Melanie is one, who graciously came out to lead at Black Mountain above Palo Alto (Monte Bello Open Space). Thank you Melanie! Below are her notes from the trip, which was […]

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Ready, Aim, Shoot!


My husband is well known among our family and friends for pursuing new hobbies every five years that can be simple one-supply activities and do-anywhere-anytime sorts of events, but inevitably end up being very expensive ventures, as he dives in deep, trying out gear, and learning all angles and aspects of his hobby.  He’s gotten […]

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From the Field: Seabright Beach (Santa Cruz)


While San Francisco and plenty of other coastal places get socked in with fog this time of year, Santa Cruz is well known for being bright and sunny by 2 PM. The last two weeks were sunnier a bit earlier – closer to noon, but the beaches get busy with picnickers, paddle boaters, surfers, yoga […]

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