Monthly Archives: July 2013

Ice Scream!


  July is national ice cream month, so I am told (and also national hot dog month, which dramatically diminishes the importance of the former).  Ronald Reagan picked July to celebrate ice cream, surely the month that sees some of the highest annual temperatures around the country.  Overlooking some other questionable decisions about food (including […]

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From the Field: Bol Park (Palo Alto)

Lisa, Lily, and Sadie had a wonderful hike at Bol Park two weeks ago, visiting the chickens, goats, and donkeys.  If you’ve never visited this repurposed (paved) railroad line, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased by the old-world feel of this Stanford area trail, nestled between modern Palo Alto neighborhoods.  You’ll see several old […]

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Have Fun and Stay Safe!

This week, I went on a hike at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, a very nice San Jose city-run open space with small rock quarries, a meadow, and some pretty views (stairs to one, shown above).  The park also leads to an adjacent dog park and playground. Unfortunately, the park doesn’t have a lot of shade, […]

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From the Field: Big Basin Camping

From the Editor: In our effort to make Stroller Hikes more sustainable, this year sees a new league of amazing volunteers facilitating camping trips.  Carolyn reports on last week’s family car camping trip to Big Basin.  I hope you enjoy hearing about her trip that went fantastically well and was fraught with what makes many […]

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