Monthly Archives: November 2013

Turkey Trek, Turkey Treat


I get really excited for Thanksgiving.  On top of the joy for a day off of work, we get to indulge in a morning hike at Fremont Older, then I get to really indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – cooking.  The day is filled with comfort food.  Who can resist mushroom stuffing with […]

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Old is New Again


            Life is a balance of conformity and originality.  We all repeat history in order to write a new story.  Our lives are a predictable ensemble of routines, peppered with events and activities that make each of us special and unique.  When we roll unique aspects of ourselves into community, we […]

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Healthy and Heartfelt


My favorite part of the holiday season is giving.  I delight in coming up with clever ways to stretch a buck and customize gifts, providing something original and from the heart.  A lot can be taught and practiced in doing this – I have improved my sewing skills, learned how to do metal work, become […]

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Stroller Hikes’ 4th Annual Craft Party


Come one, come all to the 4th Annual Stroller Hikes Annual Craft Party.  We’ll offer craft opportunities for all ages, 18 months or older.  Every year, we encourage classic gifts made from the heart, and we think these little crafts make nice gifts for teachers, grandparents, neighbors, and friends.  Gifts this year will likely be: […]

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Squish Smash!

Autumn has all sorts of new sensory opportunities available.  In the last few weeks, people have been visiting pumpkin patches and harvest festivals, enjoying hay rides, the smell of freshly popped corn, and the taste of candy.  As we turn our attention to a season of dormancy, going quickly are the fresh flavors of summer.  […]

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