Monthly Archives: January 2014

Annual Report and Upcoming Bravo Ranch Camping

Stroller Hikes is proud to present their 2013 Annual Report, summarizing our wide range of events, tremendous leaders, and incredible community impact in the last calendar year. Click through the link above to read it and enjoy some favorite images of the year. A testament to its popularity, we’ve already received e-mails asking when Stroller […]

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Shaping Future Baby Products

Stroller Hikes was contacted by Amplify Research Partners – they are looking for parents interested in providing opinions about baby products, focusing on food. Participants would be paid for their time participating in focus groups in the afternoon or evening. This could be a neat opportunity for moms looking to impact the consumer market with […]

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Viva Las Vegas?

Last week marked several monumentous achievements for my family.  (1) My husband and I ventured out of town, leaving both kids with Grandma and Grandpa. (2) We launched a family business. (3) I attended the biggest convention of my life in Vegas. The kids fared very well – and my parents didn’t seem worse for […]

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New Heights

It’s so wonderful as a parent and teacher, to see young independently rise to new heights, with skills, confidence, or awareness that I helped provide to them.  As I prepare for the 8th year of Stroller Hikes, and face a new board meeting tomorrow, I am in complete awe of what Stroller Hikes has become. […]

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Location of the Week: Stevens Creek County Park


Elia posted a longtime favorite of ours for hiking, reservoir beach play (in the dry season), and practice on bikes (for the first ¾ mile of the trail) and in the other parts of the park.  She’s documented Stevens Creek / Tony Look Trail which follows Stevens Creek all the way up and along the […]

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