Monthly Archives: May 2014

Farm Fun

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The summer season approaches which means more family outings and some of us are scrambling for ones that pair education with nature appreciation.  What’s better than a farm?  Xerry reached out this week to share an idea she thought Stroller Hikers would like, I’ve added one of my own, and there are, of course, some […]

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Tahoe Camping

If you’re looking for more ways to get outside with your kids to appreciate nature, learn, and have fun, camping is a great option.  Elise shared an option to join her Coyote Grange this summer – a fraternal organization celebrating classic family values and outings, including camping.  Membership is free for this year, so cost […]

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From the Field: Guadalupe Oak Grove


Nicole posted this great shot of Stroller Hikers to Stroller Hikes’ Facebook Page (Thanks Nicole!).  At the last Stroller Hike here on May 15th, Stroller Hikers were exploring the sizable rocks at Guadalupe Oak Grove, a San Jose City Open Space.  This gem sits amid residential areas a stone’s throw from Lake Almaden.  Enjoy the shady […]

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Happy Memorial Day weekend, when we take time to remember family and friends young and old, near and far, standing up for principles and leaving legacies.  In your remembrance, look to your children, the future, to think about how you can help them to be strong, wise, thoughtful, and adventurous.  Take them on a hike […]

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From the Field: McClellan Ranch (Cupertino)


Looking for stroller- and toddler bike-friendly hiking?  It abounds in Silicon Valley.  Here’s Elle pushing Samantha at McClellan Ranch this week, on one of our hikes.  Thanks to Emily for posting it to Facebook! 

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