Christmas is fast approaching! But for many different people, this holiday has very different meanings…

For some, the holiday season can be summed up in four words: “shop ‘til you drop.” Christmas season is a time for them to join the masses of rushed shoppers, cram in crowded malls and enjoy flashy television advertisements. Whether it be buying gifts for friends and family or taking advantage of holiday sales, shopping is a fundamental part of the holiday season for many.

For others, it may simply be welcomed as an eager respite from the strains of work or school – a chance to relax before we are forced to pick up our duties and return to everyday life. In fact, a few are more excited on simply the idea of a chance to relax than the other Christmas celebrations that come with this holiday.

For my family and many others around the world, Christmas is cherished as a time for family and friends. Welcoming distant relatives home, perhaps reminiscing over a cup of hot chocolate and hanging up lights around the Christmas tree…

We all have our own unique versions of Christmas, but almost all of them share one thing in common: they are a chance to relax and renew yourself. So pull out the year-old Christmas decorations and enjoy Christmas!

Happy holidays everyone!

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