8th Annual Bravo Ranch Update

IMG_6075Each year, Stroller Hikes has an annual fundraiser, which is a huge family camping trip at the lovely Bravo Ranch in Soquel (near Santa Cruz).  This year marks the 8th Annual Stroller Hikes Camping Trip at Bravo Ranch. The trip will be from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd. Families can stay one or two nights – just let us know which is your preference when you pay for your reservation. Families need to bring their own tents, sleeping supplies, and personal supplies. The ranch is wonderfully family friendly, with a creek to play in, farm animals, a garden, a playground, crafts, and more! The Bravo Ranch Camping Trip is Stroller Hikes’ annual fundraiser. We request a $25 donation from each family per night attending, plus ask each family to bring some food to share, and share in tasks around camp. This is a very well organized trip that is more luxury camping than roughing it. The trip will likely sell out before summer, so don’t wait to reserve. Donations will not be reimbursed if families cancel. You can reserve by paying admin@strollerhikes.com through PayPal (please donate $28 per night attending, to cover PayPal fees), or by mailing a check to Stroller Hikes, 517 Fern Ridge Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. Be sure to indicate which dates you plan to attend AND if you have any food limitations, as we will have two communal meals per day. To learn a little more about Bravo Ranch Camping, see last year’s report out. We are SOLD OUT!

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