A New Perspective

A few weeks ago, I decided to go hiking to Hunter’s Point. However reluctant I was at first, I soon became incredibly grateful of my decision, as that hike really grounded me and gave me some new perspective.

At first, that painful, dusty hike seemed a burden rather than a blessing, bstrollerhikespicut long minutes – even hours – with only the rhythm of my feet, and rare conversation, really provided time and space for me to think. Surrounded by shrubbery, I could finally clear my head, and the escape from the bustle and the business around me allowed me to actually be mindful of surroundings. It’s difficult in a person’s everyday life to truly process everything going around – to be truly aware. We are often so caught up in the bustle of things that we lose purpose of what matters – the process. In fact, the hike truly brought perspective on some issues that were bothering me the past month. My new perspective wasn’t just the view from the cliff, but also a new light on my life, which helped me clear my mind and realize some decisions ahead.

All in all, I learned that a hike really can be the underestimated cure to some of your problems. Therefore, if you’re debating about a hike, or feeling lazy or reluctant, do it. Even if the hike is painful at first, I’m sure you won’t regret it, and eventually maybe you’ll overcome some mental hurdles of your own as well. For me, the hot, dusty air and sweat trickles were minor setbacks in the hike, and the newfound perspective in the end – both the view at the top of the mountain and my mindset – were definitely worth the journey hiking up.

To experience my hike at Fremont Older (http://strollerhikes.com/location/fremont-older/), try the 3.8 mile Seven Springs Route (http://strollerhikes.com/hike/seven-springs-loop/) or the 2.4 mile Hunter’s Point Route (http://strollerhikes.com/hike/prospect-road-to-hunters-point/).

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