Annual Reports Updated!

Stroller Hikes was started in 2006 with a simple motive: a mom was eager to get outside with her baby, but not so eager to do it alone. Now, around ten years have passed, and Stroller Hikes has eventually expanded and progressed into the reputable nonprofit organization it is today.

Throughout the years Stroller Hikes has accomplished so much, with the¬†thousands of hikes it has provided and the many, many families it has helped by offering a hike and some company. However, it’s most incredible feat is that it still remains true to¬†its original goal: helping moms meet new people, go outside and have wonderful experiences through hiking with their children!

To learn more about the progression of Stroller Hikes, check out the annual reports for 2016 and 2015 which have just been posted! Previous annual reports are also listed below.

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