Barbie, Reinvented

Like many girls, when I was young I aspired to fit within the “molds” set by popular female figures of the time.  Barbie epitomized to many girls what was meant to happen when we grew up – to become a buxom, blonde girl that could turn Ken’s head. 


Nowadays, popular figures abound that can lead developing youth, but few dolls have the staying power of Barbie.  Other toys that have spanned the generations, including Lego and Playmobil, presented action figures that lacked realistic anatomy and depth of personality, perhaps ideal for the modeling and re-modeling that was intended with these toys.


Over frozen yogurt this week, Melissa presented me with an action figure, what her son recognized as me when he saw it at the store.  Barbie?  No way.  Playmobil has continued to expand their roster to include modern and more relevant themes.  Check out “my” action figure, below.


Perusing the little catalogue that came with the toy, I was pleased to see a female mountain biking action figure, along with women playing a key role in exciting emergency response scenes.  Female imagery in children’s toys has come a long way.


Are you a fit mom equipped with a jogging stroller too?  Or do you aspire to be?  Come out for our events this week or in the future. You can join me and Jennifer as we run a stroller-friendly 5K at Treasure Island next weekend (see below), or any number of other stroller-friendly events this week.  Also, ditch the stroller and come out for a Toddler Trek or rock climbing.


Happy 4th of July!


-Debbie, little Max, and wee Holly



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