Bay Breezes

KitesThis summer marks a second year of trying our own version of summer camp at home, rather than spend hundreds of dollars each week for our kids to attend theme camps.  Each day is filled with fun, low-cost or free adventures, hands-on projects, and learning about science, history, and art.  We intersperse each day with plenty of free play and add an hour of “relaxation time” after lunch so I get a break too!  A lot of Stroller Hikers have asked for more information on what we’re doing, so we’ll post about them and link them to the curriculum page of Stroller Hikes.

Summer Camp with Mom 8: Bay Breezes

Our final day of Summer Camp with Mom this week had us thinking about and taking advantage of a common weather feature in the Bay Area: Wind!  We watched a YouTube feature describing high and low pressure, heat, and cold, and then summarized what we could in our journals.  We then watched a movie about kite flying, and another about kite boarding, and the kids were hooked.  We designed kites in our journals, then went to work decorating then constructing Tyvek sled kites.  There are some great Frustrationless-Flyer Kits for Sled Kites online, that come with nice fiberglass poles and easy, thoughtful directions.  You can also make your own with nylon, Tyvek (a lightweight, water-repellant material designed to line houses before siding is put on), or even newspaper, but I must admit that the Frustrationless Flyer Kits are pretty easy, and the $4 per kit cost (if you buy in bulk) was well worth some reduced anxiety.  Be sure to buy kite line wound on bridles in addition.  The total of $5 per kite was by far our most expensive craft at Summer Camp with Mom (beeswax candles were a close second, a tie-dying will be a close third), but the results were impressive.

image (19)After a little free play and packing our snacks, we headed to Shoreline Park’s kite field to fly the sled kites.  Sheer success and beauty – the kites easily took to the air and amazed and amused the kids.  They didn’t want to stop flying them, and kept up with only some brief intermissions when kites became tangled together.  What appeared to be two professional, if not devout amateur kits flyers, were also at the field, but what they could do with their double-bridled kites didn’t impress these kids.  These kids were tremendously thrilled to see something of their own creation easily taking flight, climbing, higher and higher. 

The kids enjoyed Shoreline further when we went on a short scavenger hunt, looking for birds, bugs, plants, and more.  All practically fell asleep riding home in the car.  Lunch and relaxation time were very well received this day, going long because the kids were so worn out from flying their wares.

– Debbie (Founder), Max(8), Holly (4), and Andrew

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