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We heard from a lot of families last week about Amped for Camp.  Some families agreed that the options stretch the gamut, as well as the level of training and experience for the leaders.  Others agreed that it was time to plan for family vacations and camping trips, and appreciated the reminder.   Linda agreed that Camp Galileo is an excellent option, and since I have no direct experience with them, here is what she has to say:

If you–or any other Stroller Hikes families–would like to check out Camp Galileo this summer, I’d be happy to offer you all a $25 refer-a-friend discount.  My kids did two weeks of Camp Galileo last summer and absolutely LOVED it.  The staff is top-notch and provide a great balance of hands-on science, creative art, and physical activity.  It was my daughters’ number-one choice of activity for this summer, and their best science learning of the year, so we signed them up for two weeks this July in Almaden (they also offer at another location in San Jose, in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Saratoga for the South Bay, and plenty of other locations in the East and North: ).   

 To get the refer-a-friend discount, enter the code 2014FRIEND at checkout, along with my full name and email address:  Linda Hutchins-Knowles,  You’ll save $25 and I’ll get a $25 discount, too:  a win-win!  : )

 We’ve still not nailed down our summer plans, but have begun training Holly and Max up for some weekend camping trips at backpacking camps.   Last weekend, Holly hiked the hilly trails at Picchetti Ranch in Cupertino, on a 1.2 mile out-and-back hike, with 5 pounds on her back, not needing to be carried once!  We’re hoping to have her trained up for a 3-mile trip – no small accomplishment for an often stubborn girl who demands to be carried.  Meanwhile, I am training up to carry 25 pounds – hopefully an easy feat, though it is anxiety-provoking as it was about 13 months ago that I herniated a disc in my back. 

 As I don’t want to take on too much, too fast, I am not volunteering to lead any backpacking camping trips with Stroller Hikes, but if you are interested, Stroller Hikes is all ears about where, when, with how many attendees, and how far.  Might I recommend Waddell Creek (Big Basin), Black Mountain (with photo of play last year before bed, above, Monte Bello), or Point Reyes Coast Camp?  All are less than 3 miles in with a water source (you should filter, treat, or boil water from the source).  Stroller Hikers also love car camping.  We had several wonderful volunteers leading trips last year with tons of attendees having a great time.  Stroller Hikes can offer guidance about what to bring and plan for, and can loan out a huge but lightweight backpacking stove, as well as a SPOT (emergency beacon using GPS).  If you’d like to lead or co-lead, contact Debbie at

 -Debbie (Founder and President), Holly (3), Max (7), and Andrew

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