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Bravo Ranch Trip 2016 – Full!

Hi Stroller Hikers! The Bravo Ranch camping trip filled in record time this year.  🙂 If you didn’t get a chance to grab your spot, Debbie ( will take the first 6 families responding to put on a waiting list (this announcement will be revised once that list is full).  Last year, we were able […]

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Munchery to the Rescue

In my nine years of parenting, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: my family keeps expecting dinner. Every night. Even when I just fed them dinner the night before. Sometimes I enjoy planning ahead and involving the children in choosing menus and purchasing ingredients. Other times I’m suddenly caught off-guard when at 6:00 some small person […]

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Welcome to Sarah – Santa Cruz Hikes!

Welcome to Sarah, Sawyer, and June, our newest hike leaders, happily allowing us to resume providing hikes to the Santa Cruz area.  This week on June 25th, Sarah offers a hike at the beautiful forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos.  Thanks to Sarah for getting hikes going again at the coast!  Come out for some […]

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Tahoe Camping

If you’re looking for more ways to get outside with your kids to appreciate nature, learn, and have fun, camping is a great option.  Elise shared an option to join her Coyote Grange this summer – a fraternal organization celebrating classic family values and outings, including camping.  Membership is free for this year, so cost […]

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Waddell Creek Short Backpacking Trip – May 31 to June 1


TRIP IS FULL! Join Tiffany and family for an easy Backpacking Camping Trip at Alder Trail Camp from Waddell Beach at Rancho Del Oso. We’ll leave at 10am (let us know if you will not be able to leave around that time) from the parking area, then hike in the just over 1 mile of shady, […]

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