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Hikes with beach access

Mori Point

Venture into this Golden Gate National Park, and experience rustic coastland and more developed beach areas.

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Coastside Trail

Coastside Trail runs for over 5 miles in the vicinity of Half Moon Bay, right along the coast. You can begin the trail at any number of places along its 5-mile length between Pillar Point Harbor in Princeton and Poplar Avenue in Half Moon Bay.

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Wilder Ranch

Travel the numerous trails in this coastside park, including trails with views of surf breaking below, as well as old ranch roads and trails, including paths past historic buildings.

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Calero / Canada del Oro / Sierra Azul

Check out horse country, just a few minutes from the busy neighborhoods of San Jose. At these huge parks, you can live large, with boating on the lake, fishing, hiking over expansive grassy bluffs or through long oak tree corridors, or visiting with horses that live at Calero.

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Bay Trail (Belmont and others)

Bay Trail runs nearly the entire perimeter of the San Francisco Bay, and includes several trails/regions known by other names (e.g. Shoreline, Baylands). Most trails are paved and wide, but others are packed dirt or gravel.

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