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Taking the First Step

rainy hike

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. This past week, after a week of unrelenting nagging and persistent hints from my sister, I finally gained the courage to take my first step outside for a run. Due to the frigid weather recently, I had spent most of my days the past week indoors, wrapped in […]

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Cells are Amazing Things

Cells are amazing things.  I don’t just say this because I am a geeky scientist and teacher, but because, at least to me, their activity is amazing and dynamic.  We are each comprised of millions of cells, that collectively run a huge community, an ecosystem of activity and interactions that help us function so well […]

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Misty Mountain Hop

Many of us shy away from the weather this time of year.  Add to that the dark mornings and evenings, and you might find yourself inside all day.  Don’t do it – the outdoors are exactly what you need to shake out some wiggles, knock down the winter doldrums with a dose of Vitamin D […]

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Harvest, Haunt, and Hike

Tis the season for squash, goblins, and changing leaves, an exciting time of year for finding new places to venture to, or visiting some you only visit once a year.  Last year, Audrey hosted Stroller Hikes’ first ever Harvest and Halloween Festivus, a wonderful occasion of bobbing for apples, decorating pumpkins, dressing up, and coming […]

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Y is for Yurt

      Amity and Karen hosted Stroller Hikes’ fist Yurt Camping Trip last weekend.  This kind of camping – glamping some call it – has gained in popularity in the last decade or so.  Maru had suggested we look into yurt camping last year, and with several of us diligently reserving the yurts as soon […]

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