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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Children are little sponges when it comes to input.  And when it comes to processing, they are considerably more flexible and forgiving that adults – who are they to judge what they are exposed to?  Sometimes I think lack of education and experience is really a good thing. This week, Holly, my 3-year-old, floored me […]

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Healthy and Free


My son learns a lot, listening to our car radio.  You never know what question will arise amidst listening to a song, hearing a commercial, or catching up on the latest news.  On Thursday, my son, Max asked me to explain Obamacare to him.  I proceeded to explain the problem that socialized medicine was trying […]

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Camping with Kids – Why It’s Worth It


This weekend, as Debbie’s family is out enjoying Stroller Hikes’ big annual camping trip, I’m reflecting on my family’s recent camping adventure.  For the past decade a group of family and close friends have trekked up North each summer into giant redwood territory near Eureka to camp for a few days along the Eel River.  When it […]

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Ready, Aim, Shoot!


My husband is well known among our family and friends for pursuing new hobbies every five years that can be simple one-supply activities and do-anywhere-anytime sorts of events, but inevitably end up being very expensive ventures, as he dives in deep, trying out gear, and learning all angles and aspects of his hobby.  He’s gotten […]

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Happy Birthday, America!

As we gather with friends and family, get some time off from work to celebrate our nation’s birthday, and keep a look and listen out for firecrackers (during a very flammable time of the year), be sure to appreciate all that the government has done for our communities, particularly in establishing national parks, recreational areas, […]

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