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Drip Drip Drop


Happy rainy weekend!  California is famous for fantastic weather, which some people think of as being only clear, blue skies and 75 degree weather.  But hundreds of days straight without significant rainfall can take its toll on the state.  California spends billions of dollars each year just to move water to places where rainfall isn’t […]

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Turkey Trek, Turkey Treat


I get really excited for Thanksgiving.  On top of the joy for a day off of work, we get to indulge in a morning hike at Fremont Older, then I get to really indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – cooking.  The day is filled with comfort food.  Who can resist mushroom stuffing with […]

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Whale of a Good Hike

This week’s article comes from dear Stroller Hiker, Xerry.  Here, she candidly shares the joys of an autumn beach hike at Melanie’s weekly jaunt at Seabright Beach.  My family was so inspired that we will make a Sunday visit, to see this rare assembly of whales! Click through the link to see the full article […]

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I Want S’More!


Several times each year, Stroller Hikes participates in huge community events, such as festivals and fairs.  This coming weekend, on Saturday, September 21st, Stroller Hikes will participate for the 7th time at the 8th Annual Blossom Family Picnic, more recently named Birth and Family Fair (BFF).  This year, Mora, Blossom’s director, invited us to do […]

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Apple a Day

Like all parents, I think almost constantly about nutrition.  Gone are the days of my single youth when I just “grabbed something to eat” without much thought, other than its financial cost.  Instead, you’ll find me reading labels on groceries, seeking out food marketing terms like “organic,” “dye and perfume-free,” “whole grain,” and more.  I’m […]

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