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Welcome Amy!

Please welcome Amy as Stroller Hikes president!  Amy’s first Stroller Hikes event was 10 years ago when she was a new mom of an 8-month-old and new to the Bay Area. Stroller Hikes has provided her with outdoor exercise, connection with other parents, and an easy introduction to the excellent nature access of my new […]

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The Importance of Sleep

You wake up, bleary-eyed. Straining, you stretch out your arm and slam down on your alarm clock’s snooze button, providing you with a brief respite before the alarm’s insistent blares return. Eventually, the alarm blares finally force you away from your cocoon of sleep, and you stumble awake, lethargically beginning to preparing for the day. […]

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Live in the Moment!


It’s difficult to imagine taking a break from your busy life, with all the responsibilities expected of you; your responsibilities at work need to be fulfilled, the chores need to be accomplished, and the children need to be taken care of before the end of the day. For me, taking a break from my hectic school […]

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Reasons You Should Go Hike!

rainy hike

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to take time out of our busy schedule for a hike. However, here are some reasons which will hopefully provide that motivation needed to take that step outside! Push your limits: For some, pushing your limits may simply be finding the courage to go outside and exercise. Despite […]

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The Essence of Hiking


When people imagine hiking, sometimes they imagine long, planned out trips that require time and effort to pack and plan. However, sometimes we forget the essence of the hikes in the first place: to spend time with friends and family, and to enjoy nature. Often times, we get too wrapped up in the planning and […]

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