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Live in the Moment!


It’s difficult to imagine taking a break from your busy life, with all the responsibilities expected of you; your responsibilities at work need to be fulfilled, the chores need to be accomplished, and the children need to be taken care of before the end of the day. For me, taking a break from my hectic school […]

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Starry Eyed

On Friday I fished something substantial out of my mailbox at school.  I regularly get marketing materials from companies eager to make some money off of students, be it through candy fundraisers or spendy summer symposia.  But this envelope was different.   The return address said Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I don’t think I had ever […]

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Healthy and Heartfelt


My favorite part of the holiday season is giving.  I delight in coming up with clever ways to stretch a buck and customize gifts, providing something original and from the heart.  A lot can be taught and practiced in doing this – I have improved my sewing skills, learned how to do metal work, become […]

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Swapping Addictions


I love my job – I’m a high school teacher.  My students are mature enough that I can share the world with them, in grown up language, and they generally understand.  I have an opportunity to change perception, influence behavior, and motivate my students to be that next, informed generation that could “save the world.” […]

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Healthy and Free


My son learns a lot, listening to our car radio.  You never know what question will arise amidst listening to a song, hearing a commercial, or catching up on the latest news.  On Thursday, my son, Max asked me to explain Obamacare to him.  I proceeded to explain the problem that socialized medicine was trying […]

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