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Old is New Again


            Life is a balance of conformity and originality.  We all repeat history in order to write a new story.  Our lives are a predictable ensemble of routines, peppered with events and activities that make each of us special and unique.  When we roll unique aspects of ourselves into community, we […]

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Fair Weather


Melissa and I had a lovely time at the 8th Annual Blossom Family Picnic, now going by the name Birth and Family Fair.  The name is just too cute, particularly as an acronym.  Here I was with my BFF, getting the Stroller Hikes booth set up for our 7th year coming to this community-celebrating and […]

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Intern Finale


           For high school students, August is a bitter-sweet month. It not only marks the beginning of school but also the end of summer and, unfortunately, the last Stroller Hikes intern meeting.             To commemorate the occasion, the interns and the advisors did something special. Rather than meet at our regular […]

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Wanna Hike?

Want to lead a hike?  Stroller Hikes needs you!  Debbie’s not leading hikes while her back heals, and Amy will stop leading soon, as she prepares for her new baby… we’d love to keep regular hikes going, but need your help!  Hike leaders get free first aid kits and Ts, and can have access to […]

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You’ve probably heard of the saying “there’s no ‘I’ in “team”,” hopefully not at some mundane meeting with an employer who can think of nothing more inspirational to say to rally the troops.  This week’s newsletter challenges this saying; a team or community is defined by its individuals, just the same as an individual is […]

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