Social networking, social fundraising, and social get-togethers are all the rage these days.  Stroller Hikes is jumping on the bandwagon in several ways.


  • ·         Stroller Hikes is on Facebook!  And you can LIKE us!  You can post feedback about hikes, advice for families, and photos at Facebook.  Want to invite others to go on a hike?  Want some resources for your family?  We’ve started posts for these at the Facebook page’s Discussion Board.  Check it out!


  • ·         Stroller Hikes is having a pre-birthday party at Sports Basement.  Come by from 3 to 5 PM on Saturday, September 12th for a shopping party at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale (1177 Kern Avenue).  As you (or anyone else – invite your friends!) enter, you’ll find finger foods and drinks, and a way to “sign in” to the party.  Signing in means you automatically get a 10% discount on anything in the store plus can buy lift tickets at Alpine and Squaw Valley at face value!  The 10% you save and the revenue from the lift tickets go directly to Stroller Hikes.  They even have rentals if you’re heading to the mountains soon.  So try this in one fell swoop: get inexpensive, high quality gear, shoes, and clothing (even super cute street clothes) for your family, and effectively donate to Stroller Hikes.  Win, win!


  • ·         Backpacking Bambinos is in full swing, and we’ve got a venue for our first overnight backpacking event – the Hiker’s Hut (photo above) in Sam MacDonald County Park near La Honda.  You don’t have to be “training” with us to join us for this event.  This is our first backpacking trip, so we’re taking it easy – the hut has electricity, water, plumbing, a full kitchen, and even sleeping mats.  The hike to get there is a hilly one, (you’ll carry clothes, sleeping bags, and food), so you’ll still feel like you are backpacking and worthy of the comforts of the cabin, when you get there.  Space at the hut is limited, so please e-mail to reserve your spot; to confirm, you will be asked to pay your share of $10 per person – younger than 3 years old are free.  The trip will be one night; we’ll head to the hut on Friday afternoon, March 25th, stay the night, then hike out in the late morning or early afternoon on March 26th.  E-mail to reserve your spot at 
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