Welcome to the Curriculum portion of Stroller Hikes.  These ideas were created to enrich education at schools, the home, and outside.  Ideas have come from a wide range of sources including Cristina and Linda DeRuiter, Debbie Frazier, and Jennifer Snedeker.

Cristina DeRuiter used a wide range of ideas from friends and her mother-in-law, Linda DeRuiter, as a basis for the curriculum at the “escuelita” she founded with friends when her boys were younger.

The general structure of a class day was to begin with music and movement, followed with Circle Time, where the concepts of the day were presented, followed by time for children to go through a range of activity stations.  Circle time would reoccur later in the day, to review that day’s concepts.  Pepper free play, snacks, and rest time in, and you had a complete school day.  Like in most schools, there were unifying themes that connected the daily concepts, so a field trip was often a culminating activity.  Now that her children are older, she has passed along her wonderful preschool ideas to Stroller Hikes.

Debbie Frazier is a founder of Stroller Hikes and has been an educator since 1996.  Much of her grade 8-14 curriculum has been published by NASA and IISME, and Stroller Hikes publishes her first preschool/primary school lessons.

Jennifer Snedeker served as an advisor for the Stroller Hikes’ curriculum portion.  Jennifer has served as an environmental science educator and artist for many years.

You’ll find curriculum organized in two ways: 1) Find each of the first four of five categories below, so you can skim through for an activity of interest, OR 2) See curriculum units below, each containing a unified theme, with one or more examples of each of the following.


NerdyScienceLooking for more amazing science to do at home or in nature?  Jessica Asay provides Science Saturdays and blogs about Nerdy Baby, her foray into hands-on science education with infants, toddlers, and very young students.

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