Art Projects

Even if your child won’t become a professional artist, your child can still play, move, and create with Stroller Hike’s projects. You can do these individually or use a lesson plan.

Bleach Painting
Box Costume
Crayon Warm Art
Dip and Dry Tissue Wrapping Paper
Iron Pictures
Popcorn Trees 

Lesson Plans


First get out crayons and popcorn for “Popcorn Trees.” After your child finishes the tree, praise your child and ask if he or she wants another activity. If your child is ready, take out a frying pan to start “Crayon Warm Art.” Once this is done, give your child a snack break after washing his or her hands. Afterward, start on “Iron Pictures.” Then if your child still feels up to it, he or she can choose between “Dip and Dye Tissue Wrapping” and “Bleach Painting.” Your child should only do “Bleach Painting” if he or she is responsible enough to handle dangerous materials.

For a field trip, take your child to the Stanford Campus to look at the paintings in Stanford’s free Cantor Art Center. There, your child can be inspired by the professional art, and often there are interactive exhibits that are child-friendly, inside.


Make a “Box costume” with your child and then a “Mask” to go with it.

For a field trip, take your child to Hakone Garden’s gift shop to look at some beautiful handmade items, or check out their calendar for ceremonial teas or theatre.

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