Box Costume

This project works well for making a turtle, mushroom, tree, or robot costume, for example.


  • Cardboard box wide enough to fit the child’s torso (ideally is not as tall as the child).
  • Scissors (for adult to use)
  • Heavy string or yarn
  • Art supplies


  1. Adult prepares the box by cutting a large hole at the top where a head can fit.  The opposite side (bottom) can be cut out entirely.
  2. Adult prepares the costume by attaching heavy yarn or string on either side of the head hole, for arm slings.  The height of the arm strings should be tall enough for the child to fit his/her arms through them.  If you don’t know how long to make them, make them extra long, then adjust the knot beneath the box (where the string ends go through), later.
  3. Allow the child to decorate the outside of the box.  If you want to guide the child, draw a basic design (like the plates of a turtle or knobs or a robot) with a permanent marker or apply Elmer’s glue in an organized fashion.

Alternatives: Add firm paper or cardboard to make the box less boxy – how about making a front and back circle for a ladybug, tomato, or pumpkin costume?


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