Colored Celery Tree


  • Celery stalk, ideally with leaves
  • Knife
  • Two cups
  • Food coloring
  • Water


  1. Fill two cups or glasses with water.
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup or glass (different colors recommended).
  3. Tape together the cups or place them together in a dish so they are easy to move around.
  4. Adult cuts the celery stalk several inches up the step, crosswise, to keep the top half of the celery (with the leaves).  You can use the bottom part for Ants on a Log.
  5. Adult slices the base of the celery stalk part way up the center, lengthwise, so it can be placed in two cups at the same time.  Leave the top of the stalk joined.
  6. Give the celery about 24 hours to take up the colored water as it goes through normal transpiration, and come back to see the “water tubes” of the plant stained with dye, as well as the veins of a leaf.  The colors may join at the top, center leaves.
  7. Discuss what happened – how did the water from the cups move?  Why did we use a dye?  Do you have veins like a plant?  What color are they and why?


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