Snail or Worm Terrarium


  • Large glass or clear plastic jar with a lid punched with holes
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Food: Cornmeal, Cabbage, Leaves
  • Branches / Sticks


  1. Fill the jar with soil, made moist (but not wet) with water.
  2. Add branches or sticks to provide a place for the snail to climb.
  3. Place food in the terrarium.
  4. Find a land snail or earthworm and add it to the terrarium.
  5. Keep the terrarium in a cool place and add moisture as the soil dries.  Also change the food every couple of days.
  6. Discuss what child knows about snails or worms


  • Snails have no bones, but the shell protects the body and grows with the snail.  Some snails live on land, but others live in the water.
  • Snails have eyes on tall stalks on their heads, and smaller stalks are called antennae or feelers.  Snails can carry twice their weight in food and pull two hundred times their own weight.  Snails secrete goo to keep themselves wet and protect their bodies from salt (which would hurt them a lot).  Snails lay about 60 eggs at once, which will hatch in 3 to 4 weeks.


  • Worms have no bones.  Worms enrich the soil – they eat it, then when it is pooped out, it is looser and finer, plus contains minerals that were in the worm’s body.
  • Worms have no eyes or ears.  On each segment of an earthworm is a region sensitive to light.  Worms are both female and male.  The thick middle part of the worm is where it holds its eggs, which it will eventually lay in the soil.


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