Spider Web

Warning: Always look carefully for the spider before beginning this.  Avoid webs with no pattern.  A spider with a red hourglass on its abdomen is a Black Widow and should be avoided.  They tend to prefer dark, cool structures to build their webs – avoid wood piles and barns for instance.  Looking for a web in a grassy field is a far better idea.


  • Dark construction paper (black is ideal)
  • Clear adhesive spray or hair spray
  • Spider Web


  1. Find a spider web that is spread flat and shows good webbing.
  2. Gently place construction paper against one side of web.
  3. While paper is placed against web, spray the exposed side with adhesive.
  4. Wait a minute, then lift the paper towards the exposed side.  The web should stick to the paper.
  5. Discuss the web and the spider with the child.  A spider has eight legs and a two-part body.  It has no jaws, so sucks in its food, instead.

Spiders usually lay eggs in a silken case.  The female is usually bigger than the male, spins the web, catches insects, and takes care of the baby spiders.  Spiders are helpful to people because they eat fleas, small flies, and mosquitoes.


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