Good Eats Recipes

Stroller Hikes has a variety of good eats that not only look good but also taste good! Whether it’s snack time or meal time, you can always try these good eats. You can do these individually or with a recipe plan.

ABC Pretzels
Ants on a Log
Biscuit Crabs
Crocodile Bread
Eskimo Oranges
Pattie Cake Pizza
Peanut Butter
Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe Plan
Peanut butter and pumpkin seeds are always handy, so start with the recipes “Peanut Butter” and “Pumpkin Seeds.” Once you are done, try the “Crocodile Bread” or “Biscuit Crabs” for snack time. Then as meal time nears, make “Pattie Cake Pizza” with some “Ants on a Log.” You can start on “ABC pretzels” or “Eskimo Oranges” too so that they will be ready for snack time later.

For a field trip, take your child to Ardenwood Farm for homegrown treats, or the Embarcadero for some tasty refreshments from the nearby Ferry Building.

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