Group Games

Make a play date with some little ones, and try these group games. These games improve coordination, agility, and speed, so they are great for children. You can do these individually or use a lesson plan.

Chase the Rabbit
Mouse Trap / Fish Net
Squirrels in the Trees
Statues / Trees

Lesson Plans
First discuss safety rules with the children like no shoving and no hitting. Then you can warm-up with “Mouse Trap/ Fish Net.” Remember to switch roles. Afterward try “Squirrels in the Trees” and then “Statues/Trees” and finally “Chase the Rabbit” for a cool-down. Remember to take a snack break when necessary.

For a field trip, take your child to almost any local park to watch the squirrels in the trees or ground, or challenge your little one to be as still as possible for 10 minutes in any natural space, to see what kind of wildlife emerges.

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