Chase the Rabbit


  • two easy-to-pass objects, like handkerchiefs, soft pinecones, or balls


  1. The players stand or sit in a circle, close together.
  2. The leader tells the group that (s)he has a rabbit (one handkerchief/pinecone/ball), and everyone must help the rabbit hop around the circle.
  3. The leader begins passing the rabbit, and the group participants help to pass it around the circle.
  4. When the rabbit gets back to the leader, it is safe, back at home.
  5. Try passing the rabbit faster and faster.
  6. Once the group has passed the rabbit efficiently, the leader will introduce the second object, which can represent an irritated farmer (the rabbit has eaten the farmer’s carrots) or fox (foxes eat rabbits).  The rabbit needs to hop faster than the other object, to avoid being hurt!  After the rabbit begins hopping, begin the second object being passed around the circle.
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