Recipes for Play Goo, Fingerpaint, and More

Play Goo recipes are sticky, colorful, and fun! Whether your child wants to make an ornament or just wants to play, Play Goo recipes are perfect for him or her. You can do these individually or use a lesson plan.

Colored Macaroni
Colored Sand Easel
Paint Recipes
Fingerpaint Recipes
Paper Mache
Plaster Art
Play Dough and Clay
Soap Snow

Lesson Plan

Let your child choose among “Colored Macaroni,” “Colored Sand,” and “Soap Snow.” Afterward, your child can get his or her hands dirty with “Play Dough and Clay” or “Fingerprint Recipes.” After this, make sure that your child washes his or her hands and takes a snack break. Then start on “Paper Mache” and “Plaster Art” and finally on “Easel Paint Recipes.”

For a field trip, take your child to the Palo Alto Baylands, McClellan Ranch, or Embarcadero to watch local artists paint.

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