“No sand in the eyes
or the ears
or the nose,
Just sand in between
the toes.”
— Adaptation from A.A. Milne’s “Sand-between-the-toes” from the book “When We Were Very Young”



“The winter is an ice cream treat.
All frosty white and cold to eat.
But summer is a lemonade
of yellow sun and straw cool shade.”
— Myra Cohn Livingston



“Close your eyes and do not peek.
And I’ll rub [Spring] across your cheek.
Smooth as satin, soft and sleek,
Close your eyes and do not peek!”
It’s a pussywillow!



“The clouds in the sky
have the funniest shapes.
Of lions and tigers,
and panthers and apes!”
— Ido Orleans



“A smile is a curve that can often set things straight.”


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