The title of this month’s newsletter usually gets me singing and dancing, “You give me fever… all through the morning, fever all through the night…” but this week, the term assumed a more serious role, as first Holly, then Max had fevers.  Holly hadn’t really ever been sick like this before, and it was odd from its onset to its demise, a fever with no other symptoms.  For both children, the fever took hold of the little people, and wiped energy and light from their bodies.  They became melancholy and mellow, wanting only to cuddle.


This got me thinking about what we happily embrace as parents.  Long ago as a babysitter, snot, puke, sweat, and any number of other emissions from a child were part of the job, but relatively disgusting, driving me to wonder if my $1.50 per hour was worth it.  When such sticky, stinky things come from your own child, these bodily wastes almost become endearing.  As either child clung to me and begged for me to sit with them longer, not to leave to make soup or change the sheets, I swelled with pride that simply being Mom was enough to fill their emotional cups.


For Max, fever came and went quickly, but we kept him home from school for the mandatory 24 hours afterwards, just to be sure his body had stabilized.  Staying home meant more Mom time, but back to normal, both craved their own space, with me diligently doing my thing at a distance.  Getting outside amidst home time reset their batteries and clocks, just like it did mine, so we avoided going stir crazy.  Thanks Stroller Hikes!


We hope you can avoid the fevers of the season – fever from an immune system launching an attack or cabin fever (especially with this rain!) – by getting outside for some regular exercise and Vitamin D.


-Debbie, little Max, and wee Holly

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