From the Field: Bol Park (Palo Alto)


Lisa, Lily, and Sadie had a wonderful hike at Bol Park two weeks ago, visiting the chickens, goats, and donkeys.  If you’ve never visited this repurposed (paved) railroad line, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased by the old-world feel of this Stanford area trail, nestled between modern Palo Alto neighborhoods.  You’ll see several old plots of farm land that continue to be used at least partially for farming.  Neighbors here are generous about allowing visitors to check out the various farm birds, goats, and donkeys, one of which inspired Donkey from Shrek.  Shown above, Lisa’s frame-by-frame photos of the girls trying to engage the donkeys are hilarious!  Learn more about Bol Park at  You can join Lisa and Lilly for Monday 10 AM hikes each week.

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