“Old” Full Trail (Yuba to Shoreline Park)

This route allows you to appreciate the full length of the trail and some of the challenges that must have come with building it. Do not travel this route at dusk or dawn and bring an adult or canine friend! Along the way, you’ll notice very narrow spots, a short span along the very noisy highway (kind of fun, actually), and the very nice, long, and bumpy skybridge that goes over Evelyn Avenue and Central Expressway.

Begin at the Yuba trailhead, and head North. There are nice little bridges/turns at each trailhead if you’d like to take a break and take advantage of some of the many parks along the way. Continue until the trail opens up significantly and you arrive at the Salt Evaporation Ponds of Shoreline Park. There are water and benches at the Crittenden Lane and La Avenida Avenue intersections as you near the end of the trail. Return the way you came.

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