Byxbee to Shoreline Paved

From Byxbee Park’s parking lot, take the paved bike path that runs parallel to and on the West side of the road. Hike North on this path and turn left (West) onto Embarcadero, reaching its wide sidewalk after a few feet along the wide bike lane. Follow Embarcadero several blocks until the intersection with Faber Place. Turn left (South) onto Faber Place, following the sidewalk and eventually the two-lane paved path. The path will eventually merge with the two-lane path running alongside Bayshore Road, and continue South. Turn left at the sign for Shoreline Park / Adobe Creek. Follow the paved path along the Adobe Creek and through grassland until the small building adjacent to the small, North Shoreline Lake (Coast Casey Forebay). Turn a sharp right (West) and walk to the San Antonio Road parking lot. Return the way you came.

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