Complete Bol Path

Access the Bol Park Trail from Bol Park at Matadero and Laguna Avenues provides the most parking opportunity and access to the park’s many amenities.

Two trails run through the park, one that takes you along the creek, and the other that takes you along rustic farm areas with access to the chickens and donkeys. The trails meet up at the end of the park leading to the Hanover Business Park end (take this trail out of the park at the corner of Matadero and Laguna Avenues), and in the other direction, the trails meet up at a water fountain, then lead to more farm area, Gunn High School, and on to Arastradero. We recommend hiking towards Gunn High School, stopping to visit the chickens and donkeys (stay outside the animal pens, of course). A lovely bridge allows for nice views of the creek and some ponds. When you reach the busy Arastradero Road at Gunn High School, you can turn back the way you came, or turn right to follow Arastradero Rd through some busy crosswalked intersections, across Miranda Avenue and Foothill Expressway. The path continues as a two-lane paved path along Arastradero (sometimes moving a short distance away from the road) until it ends beneath Highway 280. Turn back when it ends to return the way you came.

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