Coyote Trail to Deer Hollow Farm

Begin at the lower parking lot (not the main one), cross the bridge, and head uphill, following Coyote Trail. Continue about 0.6 miles until junction at the water tank, where the trail forks. Take the center fork that heads downhill and is narrower (but sufficiently wide for a stroller), continuing on Coyote Trail for another mile. Watch your speed, as it is downhill almost the entire way to the farm, and there are occasional roots, stones, or ruts to navigate, and one sharp turn. When you get to a trail junction, continue straight towards Deer Hollow Farm for about 0.3 miles, then turn right at the valley floor. Walk through the farm and continue along the easy route, to parking. Because this finishes along the easy route, extensions (Rogue Valley Trail, Permanente Creek from Equestrian Parking Lot, Upper Parking Trail from Model Airplane LotPermanente Creek towards St. Joseph’s, and Mora Trail) can be made. (See The Rancho San Antonio Page to check out these options.)

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