English Camp Trail to Deep Gulrich Trail

Begin at the Hacienda trailhead. Walk north on Mine Hill Trail until you reach an intersection. Along the way, you can look at the Almaden Quicksilver chimney and the location of the old mining shaft. At the juncture, take the left trail and head onto English Camp Trail. Walk for about a mile until you reach a second juncture and then take the right trail (Church Hill Trail). Walk for about half a mile until you reach the English Camp where you’ll find picnic benches and old miners’ cabins. You can walk around the buildings, but remember not to climb on them because they are fragile, and the rodents that live there might contain the Hanta Virus. ¬†After exploring, you can head back on Church Hill Trail, and when you reach the intersection, take the left trail (Deep Gulich Trail), and along the way, you can take a look at Harry Shaft, the old entrance that miners used to enter the tunnels! Deep Gulrich Trail should lead you back the Hacienda parking lot.

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