Franciscan Loop Trail (with Lost Creek Loop option)

Begin at the trailhead by the sign with maps at the East end of the parking lot. Walk North along the flat and wide Franciscan Loop Trail. The trail will junction with the San Andreas Fault Trails to the West and East that provide the guided tour of seismic activity in this area. (This trail is short and bumpy – I recommend this as a side trip with baby in a carrier, only. See below.)

Continue straight and head downhill into a shaded oak grove. Continue down into well forested woods. Arrive at a junction that marks the beginning of Lost Creek Loop Trail in about 0.1 miles to the North (left) or continuing Franciscan Loop South (right).

Los Creek Loop Trail is a lovely 1 mile loop that merges with Page Mill Trail (a fire road) for about 0.1 miles. If you follow this loop, turn left at the junction with Franciscan Loop Trail, then left in about 0.1 miles. At the junction with Page Mill Trail, turn right, then right to resume Lost Creek Loop Trail. The trail ends where you began it; walk dtraight to Franciscan Loop Trail, then left in about 0.1 miles.

Continue along Franciscan Loop Trail for 0.2 miles, then turn right to continue on this trail, at the junction with a link to Page Mill Trail. Walk another 0.2 miles, then turn right and uphill towards the parking lot. In less than 0.1 miles, you will cross the San Andreas Fault Trail again. Continue straight for another 0.3 miles, then take a left, walking less than 0.1 miles to the lot. Total distance is 2.5 miles with Lost Creek Loop or 1.5 miles without Lost Creek Loop.

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