From Byxbee to Duck Pond, Boat Ramp, and Lucy Evans Center & Pier

From Byxbee Park (turn right at the end of Embarcadero, to get to this lot; see the Byxbee PageĀ  for more information) hike North along the white, crushed oyster shell path. Alternatively, this hike can commence from the first parking lot on the right, in Baylands Park, to reduce the hike length by about 1 mile. When the trail reaches the road, cross it to reach the Duck Pond, then circle the pond for a 0.7 mile loop. Continue past the Ranger Station, just NE of the pond, and cross the road to resume on a white oyster shell path. Follow the path as it parallels the road, turning right towards the Boat Launch. Check out the Boat Launch and circle the parking lot, heading back the way you came, but crossing the road to enter the wide packed dirt road to the Lucy Evans Interpretive Center. Check out the Center, then circle around to its rear, to venture down the pier for 0.2 miles. Return the way you came, following the white oyster shell trail back to the parking lot.

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