Full length of Embarcadero plus to Maritime Museum

Begin at the Baseball Park, where the Embarcadero begins, and Walk North along the Bay-side of the street. Enjoy the several art installments along the way, as well as placards and plaques with historical and inspirational sentiments, respectively. Stop along the way to take in the views or walk down one of the open piers (like Pier 7) to get closer to passing boats, fishing activity, or wildlife. The renovated ferry building bursts with aromas of fresh food, and bustles at lunch time and on weekends. Continue past the marina, to Fisherman’s Wharf area, then continue until Embarcadero ends, forcing you left for a block onto Taylor Street. Take a right along Jefferson and continue along the paved path to the Maritime Museum, an oval building in the middle of a park, usually peppered with vendors and picnicing people. Turn back the way you came, or earlier, as it suits you.

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