Grand Loop Trail

Start at the parking lot. Take the leftmost trail that leads to a gate where you will begin your hike. Start on Charquin Trail for half a mile. At the fork with Mindego Hill Trail, continue on Charquin Trail, which is the rightmost trail. Continue on Charquin Trail for about a mile until you reach the intersection with Ancient Oaks Trail. Continue on Charquin Trail, which is the left trail. When you reach the next juncture, continue on Charquin Trail on your left. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding grassland and hills. Continue for about a half mile. Then take the rightmost trail at the next intersection. There will be a small fork shortly afterwards. Take the left trail to head up Borel Hill. Take the left trail at the next small fork to head up to the Borel Hill viewpoint where you can see miles and miles of undeveloped land. This viewpoint is also really good for viewing sunsets (if you are interested). Take this trail for about a quarter of a mile. Stay on the right trail at the juncture. Continue until you reach a parking lot where there will be a small trail that you can take to reach Alpine Pond (which is actually in Skyline Ridge preserve). The pond has lots of wildlife that you can see, and kids can wade in the water. Turn back the way you came. But when you reach the first fork, take the left trail. Continue until you reach the intersection  Then take the right trail, which is Ancient Oaks Trail. Continue on this trail until you reach Charquin Trail. Then take Charquin Trail to get back to the parking lot.

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