Hook and Ladder Official 10K

Note: This is an official 10K circuit used for racing. It comes out a little short if you start and stop at the same point, so add a little on either end if you’re trying to get a full 10K workout.

Begin at the corner of John F. Kennedy Drive and Stow Lake Drive. Move along John F. Kennedy Drive East, turning right onto Nancy Pelosi Drive. Veer left onto Bowling Green Drive, then turn right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (also known as South Drive). Skip the first entrance to Stow Lake Drive, but take the second entrance to the right (to go around the left side of the lake). You will reach your starting point at the end of this street – turn left to follow John F. Kennedy Drive. Pass Lloyd Lake, Spreckels Lake, the Polo Field, and Middle Lake, then turn sharply left to follow Martin Luther King Jr Drive. Veer left to follow Middle Drive West, ending at Transverse Drive (this is the official end). To return to where you started, turn left on Transverse Drive, then right on JFK Drive.

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