Larry Lane Trail

From the parking area, walk about ten feet to the trail signpost, near where the paved road is marked as a private drive. After a short distance, you will see a larger sign marking this as Larry Lane. Continue uphill and along this narrow winding trail that leads you through the oaks and past properties. Several neighbor properties access this trail, so avoid these tangential paths. Larry Lane crosses the private drive/emergency road twice, once after passing through a cool grove of Redwoods. Ogle at the dream houses here (who wouldn’t want to live against open space?) and finally up to exposed open field where the trail widens and there is a placard dedicating the trail to Larry Lane.

The trail continues uphill and through groves of oak and madrone. At the next trail junction, you can stop for a picnic at one of the two picnic tables, head left to follow Hayforks Trail, or head right to follow Larry Lane.

The two trails form a one mile loop, with a view of Portola Valley two thirds of the way if you walk Hayforks, and one thirds of the way if you take Larry Lane. There are junctions with two other trails along Hayforks: Herb Dengler and Joan Targ Trail, which both lead to the small Dengler Preserve nearby; if you take either trail, you can add several thousand feet to your journey. About 2.5 miles total, without use of Joan Targ or Herb Dengler Trails.

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