Los Alamitos Creek Trail

The Trail begins at the Northern edge of the Almaden Lake (where it connects to Guadalupe River Trail). You can walk to this end of the trail quickly from the parking lot, and back.

The trail continues South, past the picnic area. As the trail is multi-use, it splits on occasion, the fine gravel part going above a bridge, for instance, and the pavement going below. These trails quickly come back together, so take whichever path suits you. The trail runs parallel to the creek, passing through meadowed areas and oak groves. The trail goes over a bridge with steel slats and begins to run alongside a road. Across the road is shady Greystone Park which has bathrooms, benches, and broad lawns if a break is needed (if you decide to turn back at this point, the total hike will be about 3.5 miles).

The trail continues along the creek and eventually splits, forming two trails that run on either side of the creek. At McKean road, the trail ends, so turn around and return the way you came.

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