Meadow Trail

Follow the Bear Gulch Trail behind the historic Folger Stable from the parking lot. At the first intersection, continue straight through the gate to continue on the Bear Gulch Trail. The trail meanders up the mountain side, zigzagging through an Oak Woodland and Redwood Groves. Pass the intersection with the Madrone Trail and the Redwood Trail to continue up to The Meadows. The bench at the meadow is a perfect place to stop for a snack or picnic and enjoy the “Sound of Music” views of the Santa Cruz mountains in the distance.

After you’ve refueled, head out to your left on the wider Meadow Trail through the Meadow, past some Coast Live Oaks just asking to be climbed. Stay on the Meadow Trail at the next intersection (to the left) and again at the following intersection (to the right). You’ll be passing through some Eucalyptus Groves with their strips of bark, long thin leaves, and acorns covering the ground. The trail is wide, but very steep in places, so make sure you have your safety strap securely around your wrist if you’re using a jogging stroller on this trail.

The Meadow Trail flows into the Alambique Trail. Follow it to your left and continue on it down to the parking lot. There is a bench part way down with a beautiful view over Portola Valley, Stanford and out to the SF Bay and East Bay on a clear day.

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